To make REES even more secure, you will need to sign in using your ICPSR Researcher Passport. If you don't yet have a passport, the process is quick, easy and free. As a bonus, you can access ICPSR's other data and features.


Creating a Registry Entry

  • Create an ICPSR Researcher Passport. Please include your first and last name, email address, affiliation, and a secure password.
  • Upon successful login, click Start a New Registry Entry to begin.
  • Note that “Education” is pre-selected. Version 1.0 of the Registry accommodates language frequently used in the field of education research. Future versions will include common language for other domains in the social sciences.
  • Based on the guidelines provided, determine if sub-entries are needed within a given registry entry.
  • Click on Continue to access your registry entry.

Inputting Registry Details

  • A registry entry includes the following 8 sections:
  • Section I: General Study Information
    Section II: Description of Study
    Section III: Research Questions
    Section IV: Study Design

    Section V: Sample Characteristics
    Section VI: Outcomes
    Section VII: Analysis Plan
    Section VIII: Additional Materials

  • Sections I, II, III and VIII are the same for all types of study designs. Sections IV-B, V, VI and VII vary by design type. The relevant information for each design is available in the checklist of required information for a registry entry.
  • Complete as much information in each section as you can. Please provide any clarifying details in the comment box at the bottom of each section.
  • Upon completion of a section, click on the Save & go to Next Section button at the end of the page or the drop-down bar at the top of the page (this won't save your entry) to move to the next section.
  • You may click on the Save & Go Home button at any time to save your work and resume later.

Editing and Publishing a Registry Entry

  • If an entry is not complete, click on Edit to add information or make changes.
  • Once an entry is complete, click on Publish to make the entry visible to the public.
  • Once an entry is published, you may update your published entry by clicking on Update. All edits made (and saved) after publishing will create a new version of the entry to track changes. Click on Publish to make the updated version also available to the public.

User Support Features

  • In each section click on the Help link and select User Guide. This page provides a detailed description of the fields in that specific section.
  • Question buttons appear throughout all sections to provide clarifying information.